Port au Prince

Port au Prince
"He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure." Psalm 40:2

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mobile Clinic!

Today was a busy hot day, but I have to say went smoothly for our first mobile clinic day. The team drove in a van and Dr. Morquette's car to the site. The first stop was at King's Hospital where we picked up the rest of our team and supplies - so we had nursing students, a head nurse and 2 translators to add to our team. The stop was quick but was sort of dissapointing for the kids who all ran to us when we got there to play and as usual Michelle - the 'grande grande one" who is so much fun to climb was surrounded by the tiniest kids. Its amazing what joy and love is held in these little kids.

Anyway, the trip took us perhaps 45 minutes to get to instead of the projected 30 minutes because of some traffic and road conditions, but we got there safe.  The clinic was held at a local church and by the time we arrived, there were people already waiting and sitting patiently in benches with numbers ready for us. We quickly set up triage and vital area by the nurses, pharmacy station (we had pre-packed standard medications already last night) and then had '3 examining rooms'. The work went faster than we thought it would, but because this time we were blessed to have 4 clincians seeing patients, and nobody went home unseen!  We praise God for that, and are greatful that He chose to use us to bless His people - for comfort, for healing and to just our share time with them. The other big part of our team helped in the pharmacy with organizing and functioned as our 'pharmacy technicians' doing an excellent job at this - it went so smoothly! The third team members led by Papa Don spent a lot of time playing with the kids waiting, singing gospel songs and distributing a care package for them - which included a 'dum dum'. I have eated these candy, and yesterday learnt their names for the first time!  A patient who attends this church also brought his keyboard and so there was lots of music, laughter and joy to go around.  Our ride back was also so much fun and Papa Don and Dr. Morquette alternated in telling jokes all the way home.

Also just to add to this - I went to Haiti to learn an American tradition that if you are the last person at the table to place two thumbs up at prayer time - you say the prayers, so guess what happened……..

Off to pack some medications again and looking forward to enjoying warm freshly baked mango pies with real fresh mangoes!

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  1. Amazing! God is answering prayer! May He Continue to give you all strength and joy each day!!